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The list of Steam analytics tools

As a Steam developer deeply interested in useful tools and analytics, I've compiled a list of resources that I find invaluable for understanding game metrics, player behavior, and market trends. My goal is to gather these tools in one place to streamline access for fellow developers and provide them with essential information.
Here's a curated selection of tools covering game statistics, reviews analysis, revenue estimation, and more, to assist developers in making informed decisions and improving their games' performance.
Last updated: May 4th 2024

Complex Tools: - Game database with estimated sales, revenue, player data, and more. - Game statistics platform. - Daily tool for checking CCUs, game followers, hot releases, top wishlisted games, and more. - Detailed tool for estimating revenue, owners, game popularity by tags, and more. - Check game revenues, units sold, and more.

Steam Reviews: - Review analysis tool by region.
Steam Review Explorer - Analyze user reviews.
Steam Scout - Fetch steam reviews by AppID, filtered by region and supported languages.

Niche Useful Tools:

Steam Game Revenue Calculator - Estimate game revenue by entering review count and game price. - Analyze how many other games appear in the "More Like This" category on your product page. - Estimate players and achievements, covering Steam and consoles.
Steamy - Discord bot to notify you of incoming Steam reviews for your game. - Look for similar games by entering number of another games. - Discover different top lists on Steam - Realtime Steam top sellers lists - Collects sales data from platforms like Steam, Epic, GOG, consoles, and displays it in one place.

Bonus: - Regular insights on how people find and buy videogames.