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“I Am Future”, How I swapped a big city for the countryside and started developing a game about a pleasant post-apocalypse

Hi! I am Eugene, and for the last six years I’ve been developing video games at Mandragora studio, small independent team of 7 based in Russia. This is a story of how I got tired of the big city, moved to the countryside and started working on my dream game about a pleasant version of post-apocalypse that allows you to start your new life from scratch.

The post-apocalypse setting has been haunting our studio from the very first game. In Skyhill we made the player descend from the hundredth floor of a 5-star hotel where all the other visitors turned into mutants.

In Freaky Awesome, the protagonist’s dog went missing, so he followed the trail to the gruesome sewers, then he got some mutagen on himself and slowly started mutating into new forms.

And in Skyhill: Black Mist there was a whole residential complex to survive in.

I’ve always dreamed of living in a country house, but it has always been a dream which I’ve kept postponing for later. But then 2020 struck us, and it became clear that later might never come. After self-isolating for half a year in a tiny apartment on the outskirts of Moscow I’ve decided that the time has come and moved out of the city. Our studio had to close its office in Moscow, everyone was learning to work remotely so nothing was holding me back.

And then I raised and farmed the zucchini crops 😀

This was the moment when I got struck with the idea of creating a game where you could begin a new, pleasant life on the ruins of big city after the end of the world has happened

The protagonist of I Am Future finds himself on the roof of one of the buildings at the downtown of a sunken and overgrown city. He won’t have to only survive, but to also actually live! Find new hobbies, pick up fishing, cooking, farming and also assembling new gadgets out of old appliances that he would find in the ruins.

As some of you might have guessed, one of the sources of inspiration is I Am Legend, where Will Smith tries to actually live, not survive. He visits the video rental, listens to Bob Marley and talks to store mannequins

But how would you find time for hobbies when you have to survive? To automate the routine, we’ll create bots and teach them to do various tasks

Many necessary resources and equipment can be found while exploring the city. And while doing that, you will also learn about the game’s world (our near future), how it ended up like this, and if there are other survivors somewhere.

I Am Future has a long way to go before release scheduled for 2022 But you can already follow and wishlist us on Steam, and also subscribe to our newsletter to get invited to our upcoming alpha tests in the near future.
This is all I have for today! Subscribe to our Twitter to stay in touch. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and don’t postpone your dreams!