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Mandragora raised almost 340 000$ to save whales and dolphins as part of Humble Jingle Jam bundle!

When we’re working hard on our dream projects we can’t forget about the nature, the Earth which gives us this opportunity. Our CEO Eugene Kisterev was vegan for about 10 years. Funny thing, you can even find an achievement “Vegan” in our first game Skyhill 🙂 So, when guys from Yougcast and Humble Bundle came to us and asked if we want to be a part of the charity bundle with our Freaky Awesome title we said “yes” in a second. All money from it goes to the charities. After the Jungle Jam Bundle ended we were really happy to find this in our mailbox:

So, here it is. 340 000$ for whales and dolphins! We couldn’t be happier at that moment!