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The list of indie-friendly game publishers - 2024

There is a long story of this list. I published it on Facebook in 2015 and on Medium in 2018. Since publication original post on Medium viewed about 45k times by developers around the world. So I understood it becomes useful information for independent developers and found some time to prepare a new one.
Lot of things happened since 2018. Some publishers closed, lot of new ones appeared. I reviewed my previous list and added category "Closed" in the end. I use a link to steam publisher page as the main one because I believe it's the main first source you should use to check publisher's portfolio. Through the steam publisher's page you can access another links to website, twitter, contact forms etc. The list is sorted by A-Z without any priorities.
Last updated: April 24th 2024
To make this list useful and keep short I keep in mind a criteria: publisher needs to have at least 1 release in previous year.

Closed or excluded from the list: