SKYHILL: Black Mist will go live on May 28th, 2020

Hi everyone, we know that we kept silence for some time and didn’t share much about the development. But today we have very important news for you: SKYHILL: Black Mist will go live on Steam on May 28th, 2020. We plan to release the game on current generation consoles late summer this year. 

SKYHILL: Black Mist on Steam

SKYHILL: Black Mist is a sequel to our successful game SKYHILL, which was released in 2015. Eventually we have decided to get back to the concept and to reassess it. And we have created quite an unorthodox sequel. For a game studio it was a very risky step. Our new game is ten times bigger, deeper and much more diverse than the original. We’ve managed to create something truly unique and entertaining, despite the fact that it was a real challenge for us. 

SKYHILL: Black Mist is a personal story of an employee of Skyhill Inc. and it rolls out inside a huge residential complex. Besides the apartments, this residence includes a school, a shopping mall, restaurants, bars, art gallery, a cinema and much more. Our protagonist – Garry Thompson – will face some crazy phenomena. As if from nowhere Black Mist has taken over the residence. He turned residents and personnel into dark corrupted creatures, who’ll kill you at first opportunity. Garry’s daughter was kidnapped, and the kidnappers keep calling him on the phone. It seems as though they’re playing a game with Garry, mocking and haunting him. But what if they have a plan? It looks as if Garry is corrupted by Black Mist too, and he’s running out of time. 

Ideologically SKYHILL: Black Mist doesn’t encourage you to kill enemies. Monsters are obstacles, you can sneak from behind and stab them, you can use traps and environment, but something it is much smarter to simply run away. Weapons make too much noise, and bullet count is limited. That’s why it’s important to check all the lockers and drawers to finds something that can be useful for crafting. Anything might come handy when you need to survive. 

Locations are designed in way that you’re free in your navigation. The entire residence is built manually, and we have decided not to use random location generation. And that comes together with constant expansion and change of the game universe. Some locations of the residence are corrupted heavier and don’t look as other, non-corrupted, locations. You have to find out what has really happened there. 

Those, who are familiar with the original game, remember how we like to twist the plot lines. In SKYHILL: Black Mist we have not only repeated this approach, but we’ve brought it to yet another level. It’s not just a survival game but a complicated and intriguing story, which you’d have to investigate yourself. 

We wish you and your families to stay safe. We have to work remotely from home too. It’s tough for all of us, but remember:

The darkest hour is just before the dawn! 

⁃ Mandragora