Point'n'Survive in a luxury hotel
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    Endless mutation in co-op roguelike
  • Hi everyone, we know that we kept silence for some time and didn’t share much about the development. But today we have very important news for you: SKYHILL: Black Mist will go live on Steam on May 28th, 2020. We plan to release the game on current generation consoles late summer this year.  SKYHILL: Black […]

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    Wishlist SKYHILL: Black Mist on Steam! Hi! Today we’re happy to show you a new live action story trailer for SKYHILL: Black Mist! Filmed by “Kinodom”

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    With new game our team decided to return to survival genre. SKYHILL: Black Mist is not a straight sequel to the original game. Sure, it’s connected in storyline and things happening in the same universe, but the game itself is really complex and ambitious for us. Real-time gameplay in it mixed with lot of tactical […]